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  1. Carterets im Radio
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5 Antworten auf Mehr zum Thema / More on this topic

  1. Pretty sagt:

    Ohoh, bf6se Droadhung! Kann mir das Entsetadzen im Gesicht deiner Freadundin gut vrtosellen. Man ist nach so einer Aufre4uadmakadtion wirkadlich befreit — von Dinadgen, die man eh nicht (mehr) braucht und auch von der Belasadtung, indem man ne4madlich einadfach endlich mal wieder reinen Tisch gemacht hat. Eben mehr, als das „bissadchen Haushalt” jeden Tag. Bei uns ist auch immer samadstags der grodfe Aktionadstag, da hat man einadfach auch mehr Zeit und Mudfe. Und wie ich letadztens schon sagte: frisch geputzte Fenadster haben eine Ausadsicht in HD Qualite4t.

  2. Anggle sagt:

    In April 1665 Philip Carteret, son of George left Jersey in the Channel Islands arriving in New York Harbour on 29th July 1665. Daniel Perrin was his anrdiistmator and was born in France in 1640, died New Jersey 6th Spetember 1719. He was of genteel birth, of Norman descent and a Hugenot. He travelled with Maria Thorel born 1640, of french descent. They were granted a marriage license by Gov.Philip Carteret and married on the 12th February 1666. They are both in the painting by Howard Pyle which is in the circuit Court in Newark, New Jersey.

  3. Rahul sagt:

    #jbjd // June 1, 2009 at 1:15 pmJacqlyn Smith, George Tiller is the name of the physician who was shot to death while seirvng as an usher at his local church, in KS. His killer has yet to be apprehended. Throughout his decades long medical career, Dr. Tiller was never prosecuted for e28098killing a baby,e28099 let alone convicted of any crime related to the legal practice of medicine.******************************************************You don’t need to tell me about Tiller ..I am a JAYHAWKER born and raised in Kansas and my sister actually adopted a baby that the mother was going to Tiller’s office at 8 months pregnant to abort..the baby is a healthy black teenager today and we are a white farm family ..and you are wrong .the suspected killer was apprehended yesterday on I-35 .please get current with your news. Tiller’s death and the possible death of the suspect are all contributed to the evils that stem from the immorality of abortion and the sin against the LORD Jesus Christ in breaking one of the 10 Commandments .thou shall not kill!!! Of course .this commandments doesn’t only apply to babies in the womb either!!!Sounds like you are a Tiller supporter ..well I still say what goes around comes around and his time came around!!! We shall see the same happen to the IMPOSTER as he continues to break the law well what goes around .comes around ..I am patiently waiting for the come around to him too!!! Whether it be a long prison term or someone just gets so fed up with his socialist agenda and can’t stand it anymore!!! Either way the USA has gone drastically away from the Laws of God and the devil has taken control of many lives ..we Christians must take a stand if we are to save the country!!! We need more people like Dr. Keyes in leadership positions who are not afraid to stand up to tyrants!

  4. levitra sagt:

    I haven't seen Burn Notice, but that was seriously genius cool. Love it in a major way. I make have to watch the show now. Sorry, Chez – I wasn't getting that you were vying for sympathy from this post. I seriously thought it was just poking fun at yourself. ;oP

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