Carteret Now – der Trailer

Der Trailer für unser Dokumentarfilm-Projekt. Bei Fragen kontaktieren Sie uns gerne.

This is a trailer for our documentary about the Carteret Islands. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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4 Antworten auf Carteret Now – der Trailer

  1. Santosh sagt:

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  2. Anderson sagt:

    I am descended from Phillipe de Carteret (1612) and Mary de la Place and their dhaguter Elizabeth (1647) who married Benjamin Dumaresq. Further to your reference to Melungeons it would not surprise me if they were part of the North African crews of either Carthagians or Phoenicians. The Bourne Stone. found at Cape Cod has the name Hano carved in it, along with a claim to the land. Hano was a Carthaginian Admiral abt 425BC. The Phoenician explorers were also excellent navigators and sometime after 600AD possibly came to North American along with their mixed crews from North Africa seeking trade. There is other stone inscription evidence of them penetrating into the centre of the continent along the Mississippi and its western tributaries. I believe that Melungeons have been in North America much longer than most people accept. See Gloria Farley’s books or those of Barry Fell if you are interested in this further.

  3. Dipankar sagt:

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  4. Irfan sagt:

    liest sich PR, die mit dem Rfccken zur Wand steht. Ob es nun um den Prenzlberg geht oder um Mitte oder Kreuzkf6lln , es sind immer dbelesien Phrasen ( Diese Stadt lebt von der Vere4nderung bla, bla, bla), immer dbelesien Unterstellungen und Diffamierungen. Ich kann’s allme4hlich nicht mehr ertragen.

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